Accounting, Audit and Assurance

Our primary goal at Hennick Herman, LLP is to ensure that our clients not only meet the statutory requirements, but to provide them with value-added services tailored to the nature and circumstances of their business.

No matter the engagement, Hennick Herman, LLP provides clients with timely financial information through customized service. Our expert accounting professionals maintain sound knowledge of our clients’ business and accounting systems, providing the insight necessary to make recommendations concerning operations, activities and opportunities.

Hennick Herman, LLP is pleased to offer the following services which can be tailored to your specific needs:


Providing financial statements prepared based upon client provided information and used primarily for internal purposes.


Providing financial statements prepared in accordance with accounting standards for private enterprises with limited assurance.

Specialized compliance engagements

(future oriented financial information)

Providing financial reports with agreed-upon procedures to conclude on financial aspects such as compliance with certification requirements. This may include cash flow projections for financing requirements.

Internal controls testing

Providing practical solutions to strengthen the control environment and internal controls of your organization.