Our professionals provide qualified expertise on a regular basis within the following industries.

Real Estate and Construction

Hennick Herman offers a wide range of services including accounting, assurance, audit, tax and advisory services to meet the needs of a very diverse client base within the real estate. For many individuals, real estate acquisition is one of the most important decisions in their entire life.  At Hennick Herman we make sure that we use our industry experience and expertise so that the decision made is the one that suits your needs.  Whether you are an individual looking to buy your first investment property or a developer looking to acquire land for a new development project, we take great pride in ensuring you are optimally structured for tax purposes.

Our services in the real estate include the following:

Hotels & Recreational
Land Development
Rental Operations


We at Hennick Herman understand the dramatic dynamics to the retail industry with the rise of internet and e-commerce transactions as well as the continual requirement for financing.

Our Accounting and Audit advisory services will make sure that you are in compliance with the laws and regulations, as well as our tax services will ensure that all opportunities are considered and the plan will be tailor made specific to your needs.

Not for Profit

Hennick Herman has served this sector since the inception of the firm and provides audit, assurance and tax services to a wide range of Not for Profit Organizations. Every Not for Profit Organization be it a Community Health Centre or a Charitable Organization is unique and the reporting required is tailor made to suit their objectives and at the same time be in compliance with the stringent regulatory requirements. We at Hennick Herman ensure that these are met.

Our services in the Not for Profit Sector include the following:

Community Health Centres
Churches and Ministries and other Religious Organizations
Charitable Organizations
Athletic and Sports Organizations
Condominium Corporations
Other Government Funded Organizations


The saying that “it is a small world” is very true of the manufacturing industry. The competition from other countries with lower production costs and to balance this with the rising cost of living is indeed a challenge in today’s manufacturing industry. To add to this is the fluctuating currency market, changing technology, customer expectations and the rising demands of the shareholders

The expertise of Hennick Herman will help you stay ahead of the curve, as we have a manufacturing client base which is versatile.

Investment and Insurance

The investment management and insurance industry is forced to navigate the complex and ever changing regulatory rules.  With countless years of experience auditing a number of sizable private mutual funds and their performance managers that are required to report to the Ontario Securities Commission, you can leverage our experience for your business.  We can also help your wealth management firm or insurance brokerage ensure you are ahead of the curve.

Information Technology

The technology sector is a constantly ever changing and booming industry affecting virtually every business in existence.  At Hennick Herman we realize that without technology we could not have the efficiency we see in the world today.  With a large roster of clients in technology we can help provide the industry knowledge you need to be competitive.  Our clients provide comprehensive solutions from software sales to support services.

Transportation and Logistics

Whether it is carrying freight across the street or across the country, Hennick Herman is there to go the distance with your business.  With clients that have been in the business for over seven decades you can trust we have the experience to help.  We are there to help you maximize your profits and minimize your costs through analyzing key metrics in your business, then benchmarking those with our existing clients

Food and Beverage

It is generally understood that at least half of restaurants that start up do not end up is business for very long. With a clientele of successful mature restaurants at Hennick Herman we can help you steer your business in the right direction with our industry experience. From the farm to your plate, not only do we service restaurants but our other clients include food manufacturers and distributors to help round out our knowledge of the industry. We are as hungry to help you grow your business as you are.